Mabrouma with pistachios

  • Preparation
    27 Minutes
  • Cooking
    35 Minutes
  • Serving
    5 People
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Al Mabrouma with pistachio occupies a special place among the majority of people. It is also considered one of the most famous types of sweets in Middle Eastern kitchens, especially in Aleppo kitchens. It is one of the popular sweets that we find constantly and throughout the year. It is in great demand, especially on holidays, incantations, in the blessed month of Ramadan, and in winter days. It can be prepared at home in an easy and simple way.


Adjust Servings

0.5 kg Dough

1 Big Cup Butter

2 Big Cup Pistachio

2 Big Spoon Rosewater

1 Big Spoon Powdered sugar

1 Big Cup Sugar

0.5 Big Cup Water

0.5 Small Spoon Lemon juice


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Step 1

5 Minutes Prepare the Mabrouma filling in a bowl, we put 2 big cups of pistachios, then add a small spoon of powdered sugar and a small spoon of rose water and mix the ingredients well.

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Step 2

15 Minutes We extend the Kunafa longitudinally and put the filling that was previously prepared on top of it and start rolling from one end in a circular motion until we reach the other end.
Then carefully place it on top of the foil, roll it up and leave it for 10 minutes.

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Step 3

15 Minutes Put the cup of liquid butter in a deep frying pan over medium heat, then put the tin foil for 5 minutes, and then take out the Mabrouma and put it in the pan again until it turns brown, and then we take it out

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Step 4

5 Minutes Take out the Mabrouma from the pan and place it on a sheet of paper for 5 minutes

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Step 5

20 Minutes We prepare the syrup, where we put a large cup of sugar and half a cup of water in a pot over medium heat and continue to stir until the sugar dissolves.
Then we wait for it to boil, reduce the heat and add a small spoon of rose water and let the mixture boil for 5 minutes.
Then add half a small spoon of lemon juice and mix the mixture for 2 minutes and turn off the heat
Set the bowl aside to cool

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Step 6

2 Minutes We put the syrup into the Mabrouma, and then we cut the Mabrouma into pieces.
It's ready, enjoy!